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XYZ X7 Air Flow Speed Rope - Black

XYZ X7 Air Flow Speed Rope - Black

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A perfect skipping rope for the fitness fan looking to get in the ultimate cardio HIIT workout and suitable for all skipper experience levels, this isn't just a speed rope for boxers.

The 5mm spec Air Flow liquorice rope design gives the rope enough weight for a good amount of feel and feedback which is important for new jumpers but also cuts through the air quicker to allow the user to add speed to increase the intensity of workouts for the more experienced skipper.

Ergonomic handle design for a better grip that helps promotes proper hand alignment to promote skipping from the wrists the natural way. The unbreakable handle is widened at the bottom for a better grip and less hand fatigue.

11ft jump rope (Including Handles), is easily adjustable to any height. 

Not your generic XYZ rope.

X3 Features:

  • Unbreakable Ergonomical Handles - 13.3cm or 5..25" Short Handles made of unbreakable low-density polyethylene contoured to fit your hand. These come with a lifetime guarantee so if they break, we will replace them
  • 5mm Air Flow Cord -High Quality 5mm PVC cord optimised for scuff resistance, speed, durability and flexibility and tangle resistance. Cuts through the air quicker for extra speed than lighter cords.
  • Jump Rope Bag - Specially designed jump rope bag to keep your skipping rope separated and safe while in your kit bag. Although a Jump rope is made from plastic as part of our commitment to reduce plastic use we are giving away these bags normally sold at £7.99 for free, to reduce the throw away packaging the item is sent in and make the product more sustainable then counterpart products.
  • Adjustable Longer Length 11ft Rope Length Design -  Length can be accurately adjusted to suit varying heights from the tallest skippers down to youths and children.
  • 105g / 3.7oz Weight
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