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XYZ X6 React Soft Beaded Jump Rope - Black/Green

XYZ X6 React Soft Beaded Jump Rope - Black/Green

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Specially engineered beaded jump rope ideal for all jump rope, freestyle & fitness enthusiasts looking to improve their skills with a jump rope. Beaded ropes are slightly heavier than liquorice style speed ropes for a better feel. They are also more audible to the eye and turn slower with a more stable arc, making learning tricks and freestyle skipping easier to practise and learn. Engineered for optimum handling, smoother rotations & enhanced feel/comfort for the Ultimate Beaded Rope.

Ergonomic handle design for a better grip that helps promotes proper hand alignment to promote skipping from the wrists the natural way. The unbreakable handle is widened at the bottom for a better grip and less hand fatigue to ensure durability, resilience & speed.

11ft jump rope (Including Handles), is easily adjustable to any height. 

This jump rope is built for all levels of skill; offering superior speed, comfort and feel with it’s slick and durable X Handle and premium 1" beads design to ensure a balanced & superior weight distribution, resulting in the ultimate skipping experience.

Perfect for beginners up to more advanced freestyle jump ropers and the shatterproof beads and unbreakable handles make them ideal for releases.

Not your generic XYZ rope.

X6 Features:

  • Unbreakable Ergonomical Handles - 13.3cm or 5..25" Short Handles made of unbreakable low-density polyethylene contoured to fit your hand. These come with a lifetime guarantee so if they break, we will replace them
  • Feedback: The beads provide extra weight to give the jumper more feel of the rope as it rotates around them.  This allows the jumper to learn more advanced skills easier as they have a better understanding of rope mechanics and movement with a more stable arc. At 135g, this is a superior specification beaded rope that are commonly used worldwide to give a great feedback for learning new skills and strict form.
  • Durability: The beads protect the cord running through the jump rope and so the cord will not wear as it never comes into contact with the surface. A great option for jumping on lots of different surfaces including harsher surfaces outside!
  • No Kinking: The one disadvantage of PVC ropes is that they can kink and eventually snap.  Beaded ropes do not kink and so maintain their rope shape as it moves around your body which again helps with executing freestyle tricks as well as making the rope long lasting.
  • Soft Beads - Soft beads are more giving on impact and so are quieter on indoor surfaces. The beads themselves are as durable as the hard beads too. The soft beads also cause a bit more drag resistance in the air and so have a heavier more robust feel.
  • Adjustable Longer Length 11ft Rope Length Design -  Length can be accurately adjusted to suit varying heights from the tallest skippers down to youths and children.
  • Beads Approx 1inch
  • 135g / 4.7oz Weight
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