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Rhino Screw-in Rugby Kicking Tee

Rhino Screw-in Rugby Kicking Tee

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The Rhino Screw-In Kicking Tee, a versatile and reliable kicking tee designed to suit the needs of rugby players at all levels. Offering a unique screw thread system for adjusting the height and ensuring a secure and stable platform for the ball, this innovative system ensures no slipping or jumping during use, allowing players to focus on honing their kicking accuracy and power.

Crafted from high-quality moulded rubber, this kicking tee is built to last and withstand the wear and tear of regular training sessions and matches.


∙ Adjustable height using a secure screw thread system, preventing any slipping or jumping

∙ Constructed from durable moulded rubber, ensuring longevity and resilience

∙ Suitable for rugby players of all levels

∙ Provides a stable platform for kicking practice and match play
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