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Rhino Pro Adjustable Rugby Kicking Tee

Rhino Pro Adjustable Rugby Kicking Tee

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The Rhino Pro Adjustable Kicking Tee is an essential piece of rugby equipment for players looking to enhance their kicking game. This innovative kicking tee features an adjustable height mechanism, allowing kickers to adapt to various pitch conditions, from closely cut grass to thick, unruly surfaces.

Constructed with three separate sections, the Rhino Pro Adjustable Kicking Tee offers a customisable setup for optimal ball placement, ensuring greater accuracy and consistency in every kick. This versatile kicking tee is the ultimate choice for rugby players at all levels.


∙ Adjustable height mechanism for optimal ball positioning in various pitch conditions.

∙ Three-section design allows for a customizable kicking experience.

∙ Ideal for players seeking to improve their kicking technique and accuracy.

∙ Suitable for use on a range of surfaces, from close-cut grass to thick, unruly pitches.
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